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London, UK – Tuesday 5th February 2013:
 JumpStar Studios are over the moon to announce that their first game, Flubby World is available on the Appstore today.

A start-up indie studio created as a by-product of the economic crisis when both founders were kicked to the kerb by their

respective employers, they are now ecstatic about releasing their game. “We jumped over a block of cheese just to prove how happy we are”

‘Flubby World’ is an insanely cute platform game where the hero, a green blob of cuteness, finds himself jumping and gliding around a world where odd things start to occur leading him to far off (and far out) places.

Flubby World features: 

  • Flubnique character control
  • Flubs of levels
  • Flubs of hidden secrets
  • Social media – Share your scores with best flubs via Flub-book and Flitter
  • Flubcenter leaderboards

Here’s our link to the game on App Store – enjoy!  http://bit.ly/flubbyapp


If you’ve got Flubby friends, check us out on Flub-book: http://bit.ly/fb_flubbyworld

Or, if you don’t like reading, watch some early game play videos on our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/youtube_flubbyworld